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I am looking for some advice. I want to purchase a sup to do some training out on the sea at Scheveningen.

I weigh about 100kg and live at Scheveningen. I surf a lot when there are waves but on small choppy days I am looking to do some training on a Sup.
Basically I would like a board that I can punch upwind for a few km to one of the buoys offshore then turn around and head downwind back to home.

Generally the sea around here is a little bit choppy but I wouldn't be looking at anything too challenging. Just on small wave days and perhaps with a little bit of wind. When there's bigger surf I will go surfing..

Unfortunately I think I have to go for an I-Sup due to storage issues. At a pinch I could try to work something out with storing a hard board, I am not really sure on this point, I just watched a video on YouTube that basically said an I-Sup is not going to cut it for doing the punch upwind and come back downwind thing that I am thinking about. But other videos say the more expensive I-Sups are ok. It's kind of confusing.

Any advice on what I should be looking for (type of Sup/I-Sup), length, width, brand etc?

I am pretty open on price. I guess I am thinking about 1000 bucks but if I have to pay more for something worthwhile I will do it. Hopefully I don't have to though.

Many thanks in advance for any helpful comments......

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Hi Pete,

Welkom to the forum. Regarding your question i can say that if you are an experienced surfer you will feel what you are missing if not choosing a hard board. I-sups are great for a lot of things but the performance at sea is not 'high'. Great for playing and having fun and workout if you want to paddle against the wind but as soon as you want to catch the swell (even if or especially when small) you wish you had a hard board! It will allow you to  double/tripple your wave surfing days. It will make you happy everytime you are on the water cause you will be surfing. Also regarding your weight i would check out Hardboards. 

I have a lot of soft and hardboards. My advice would be to buy a hardboard (Longboard style) and keep in mind budget wise that you want to store that board at a nice place at the beach!  

(i have some boards available, Hard + Soft. PM if you are interested.)

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