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Net de nieuwe info ontvangen voor de Kialoa full Carbon peddels! 

Nieuwe peddel 'Pipes' en nieuwe additionele Graphics voor de bestaande modellen!

Er is een nieuwe peddel toegevoegd aan de line up. Nl de 'Pipes' Nog iets smaller dan de 'Methane' en speciaal voor de dames ontwikkeld. 

Ik heb de Pipe zelf al in november gepeddeld en kan je vertellen dat het een super peddel is ook voor heren als je in de golven peddelt. Feitelijk ongelooflijk dat je met zo'n smalle peddel zo prima vooruit komt. Voor mij een duidelijk bewijs dat zeker dames op de sup met een veel kleinere peddel uit de voeten kunnen. Nu in ieder geval de keuze en kan iedereen zelf bepalen wat de geschikte peddel voor hem/haar is.

Verder komen voor alle peddels naast de kleur zwart nu ook andere leuke graphics beschikbaar.  Technisch gezien is de peddel gelijk aan de standaard zwarte variant.

Prijzen nog niet bekend, maar volgen snel. Check daarvoor

Check Casso's review van de Kialoa 'Pipes'

Kialoa Pipes
24 January 2010

Reviewer: Andrew Cassidy [
Location: Warriewood

I took delivery of my new Kialoa Pipes last night and had to get it wet at the first possible opportunity. That was this morning for the early. I didn't even get a chance to tape up the blade.

One word: Smooth.

This little paddle is just so smooth through the water. The new blade design is like cutting soft butter with a hot knife yet the tiny surface area has still got enough power to get you into those late take offs.

I went out at Warriewood with a very light offshore blowing and head high right handers off the point. There were only a few guys out to start with but the crowd soon grew to almost silly numbers by the end of the session.

This paddle is five inches overhead for me - that's my standard length for a surfing paddle. Dave Chun has change the standard Kialoa design of the back of the blade a bit - it no longer has a distinct bevelled edge, instead a more subtle domed profile. The face of the blade is slightly different too - still basically flat with no dihedral but he's put in a very slight hook on the bottom edge.

From the first couple of strokes I knew I was going to like this paddle. It doesn't feel that dissimilar to my Kialoa Methane in terms of power but you can notice the new contours of the blade working differently through the water. No sign of cavitation or wobble at all, even when you really step on the gas and push it hard. Entering, moving through and exiting the water feels really nice and very effortless. I guess it's the limited blade width (7.25") creating less resistance when you don't need it. There were a few hard waves to get into and the Pipes didn't disappoint - letting me get on a few which I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to.

Once on a wave, the Kialoa Pipes excels. It is so agile and you can throw it around really quickly. It's still got plenty of surface area to help turn the board when you need to but it's small and light enough (560 grams) to not be a hindrance when you're surfing. It almost feels like an extension of your arm.

The simple T handle works great. It's very comfortable, creates good blade control and is easy to tell if you have got it in your hand the wrong way around. The thin, oval shaped shaft is also very nice to grip.

One of the really great things about this paddle is that guys will be easily able to slot it into their paddle quiver. The small sized blade and floral pattern makes it easy to convince the missus that you bought the paddle just for them. A surf paddle for you and a flatwater paddle for the wife (or kids)! With luck on your side, the length should just about be perfect for both of you in those circumstances.

The workmanship and materials used in the Pipes live up Kialoa’s great standard. It looks and feels like a quality piece of equipment. The tissue paper decal embedded in the resin is a great addition.

- Light weight.
- Extremely smooth through the water.
- Quality construction.
- Ideal 'family' paddle.

- Doesn't come with a cover.
- Kialoa sticker on shaft peels off easily.

Check ook de totale spec sheet in de bijlage.

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Hier de 'Pipes' (en PSH Ripper 9'3") in actie door Casso. Zijn verontschuldigingen voor het vergeten van Rainex op lens ;o))
Hier een toelichting van Dave Chun op de nieuwe pipes. Binnenkort Demo modellen beschikbaar.

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