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Hi all,

I have the opportunity to buy a cheap second hand SUP. I am keen on buying one second hand to try out and maybe upgrade later.

Unfortunately my storage options are extremely limited and the only place I have to store the board is in my back garden (exposed to sunlight and rain).

I was thinking of trying to buy a sturdy bag and some sort of rack that I can hang on my fence. Hopefully this bag will protect it from the rain and sun a bit. Unfortunately this is my only storage option.

I am very curious to hear anyone's opinion on my plan, perhaps the SUP life is just not for me just yet.

Many thanks in advance for any helpful comments.

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Sounds like a good plan if this is your only option. Lot's of people stash their boards in the Garden. Get a good bag and just go for it. And maybe look for a solution to lock your board on the Fence.

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