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SUP Naish Glide 14' JAVELIN in der leichten und schnellen 
Carbon-Version, aus 2010, sehr guter Zustand, da selten im 
Einsatz, kommt komplett mit Finne und Boardbag. Für alle Infos 
zu diesem Flachwasser-Racer klickt

Bei Interesse Anfragen/Angebote per eMail an mich...


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Hi Sven.


leuk zo'n duitse advertentie.

Neem effe de moeite om iig iets te vertalen als je wat aanbied hier.

Of is het pure shoppromotie en niet zozeer deelname aan de community.?|nl|

Hi Patrick,


as my knowledge of your language is not existing I assumed that a lot of you know German better. I am offering my privately owned Naish Javelin. There is NO shop promotion! The link of the webpage was for board details only!


Sorry for not translating with google - I am not satisfied with the translation results!


See you on the water somerwhere in thge North Sea region!


well maybe I was a little quick with my reaction.

But noticed no prior contribution from you to any of the discussions going on in the forum. Then a sales topic and a link to a shop made me react.




Hi Patrick,


the link leads to the German Naish importer - and it was for information purpose only.


I fully understand your point - probably I should learn your language to participate in the forum as an active member...



good thing that we both use the same currency, how many euro's do you want for this board? (indication)

Hey Sven


Is this board still 4 sale? and what is it's price?




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