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Te Koop F-One Madeiro Pro 8'3 in perfecte staat , carbon versie.

Normale prijs 1995€ nu voor 975€



Product Description

The MADEIRO PRO range benefits from a specific carbon construction. On deck, the MADEIRO PRO are built using a bamboo/carbon sandwich where the bamboo sheets are laid over a layer of carbon fiber. On the bottom, the boards are built using a high density foam/carbon sandwich (glass fiber / foam / carbon fiber / glass fiber) combined with a brushed finish for minimum weight.

This construction provides the MADEIRO PRO with superior strength and keeps them impressively light. The whole range therefore boasts an enviable weight to strength ratio and remains firmly within the lightest and best performing boards on the market.

Size 8’3’’ x 30”
Dimensions 250 X 76 CM
Volume 110 L
Weight 7.3 KG*
Fin boxes layout Quattro + central FUTURES© box
Thruster set CENTRO 5’0” + SIDE FINS FUTURES© F3 425

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