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Boardworks MCIT Inflatables van Badfish. Multi Chamber Inflatable Technology


We are proud to announce a new breakthrough in inflatable SUP boards, the Boardworks Badfish MCIT Inflatable SUP board.  Born of a partnership between Badfish SUP and the Boardworks Surf crew, the patent pending, MCIT (Muti-Chamber Inflatable Technology), is the first inflatable SUP board that doesn’t ask a paddler to make a choice between the convenience of an inflatable SUP board and the performance of a hard board.

The MCIT is a great addition to the Badfish line up and provides another progressive board choice for inland and coastal based paddlers, looking for the stiffest, most stable, inflatable SUP board.

What makes this board so different than other inflatable SUP boards is the side chamber tubes (axial stabilizing chambers). Traditional drop stitch, inflatable boards, do not allow for any variations in shape other than outline and rocker profile. With the addition of the side chambers the design team was able to create a lowered standing area, tapered rails and a nose that punches through whitewater in rivers, oceans and lakes alike.

The largest performance improvement with this board is superior secondary stability. Secondary stability describes the ability to roll a board up on an edge and remain stable in this position.  Secondary stability is a critical feature for river SUP paddling, allowing a paddler to move in and out of eddies without catching your edge.  Traditional inflatable SUP boards have no secondary stability, making relatively easy river moves, difficult.

Inflatable boards are great choices for travel and multi day, raft assisted river trips (a personal favorite of the Badfish crew), instructional programs and anyone who values the convenience of a board that can be stored in the back of your average hatchback.

The BW/Badfish Inflatable will be available in the spring of 2012 and will come in three sizes, 9’0″, 10’6″ (pictured) and 11’6″.

Zeer interessante kijk op het bouwen van Inflatables en de uitdagingen voor board design. De Multi Chamber Inflatable technologie creeert nieuwe mogelijkheden. Extra stijfheid en super stabiliteit. 


Ik vind de boards en hun performance er zeer strak uit zien. Check de video en zie hoe de boards zich gedragen in het water. Ongelooflijk hoe weinig de boards flexen in en hoe stabiel ze zijn.

De Badfish MCIT inflatable boards van Boardworks binnenkort ook in de Benelux verkrijgbaar. Meer info via

Boardworks Badfish MCIT SUP flatwater test from Boardworks Surf on Vimeo.

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