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Blane Chambers zit niet stil en is continu bezig met het verkennen en verleggen van de grenzen op het gebied van SUP design. Hij breekt met de standaard Surf conventies en shaped, test, shaped, test, shaped en test enz.. Open minded en vooralsnog nooit tevreden.


Naast zijn revolutionaire hul ripper bodem designs is ie nu ook asymetrical tails aan het testen. Zeker niet nieuw in de windsurf markt (Heb zelf in de 80-ger jaren er al een 4 tal geshaped ;o)). Maar in de combi met de overige vernieuwingen zeker weer interessant.


Ben benieuwd waar we naar toe gaan. Laat Blane maar schuiven/shapen..







"This board design is a big reason why I like to work with Tom Carroll... He is super stoked, super open minded and he charges. Built this 9' Hull that can do it all from nose riding to tearing waves apart... The bottom of this board is unlike anything out there with a asymmetrical tail... Have fun Tom!!!" BC

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Blanes post on the seabreeze forum:


Love the opinions on both sides... Don't have time this AM to post pics and detail stuff but I will comment.

surf4fun shows a nice example of what we are dealing with here... We are not riding narrow shortboards which you do not need help from any asymmetrical type tail and to be honest, I tried some on shortboards a few years ago and I felt it worked some but nothing spectacular at all. It also came around the time I switched all the way over to sup surfing... 

Something a lot of people don't know is this. I surf A LOT. I love to surf. I dream of surf. I'm frothing to surf! I got surf fever bad... If I wasn't allowed to surf I'd probably lose interest in this whole sup thing. Haha! Even though I'm getting older now and I definitely am feeling it, I want to surf way better on a sup board. I can shape and test ANYTHING I want. We test boards all the time. I can ride whatever I want. Think about this... If your whole goal was to surf better and you could shape whatever you wanted... Why would you go backwards? Asym tails are really hard to sell if that was the goal... It's a confusing thing for most and I do not see it being a part of our line in a big way ever... For money? Haha! Nope... 

Waves are to precious to me to waste trying to force something to work. If it don't work, I'm not riding it. Simple as that. All my personal sup boards have asymmetrical tails now because the benefit is significant. Others are getting on them and they are stoked too. I'll share more on this later... I'm not going to get into a debate if asym can or cannot work on sup boards because they already are working insane for us everyday. You are seeing it now but we been testing and riding them for months... Backside and frontside. BTW, you can't just cut a Asym tail on any board and expect it to go off... Blending with different rockers etc very important! It's not just the tail...

Tom's board in the pic is a one of a kind. His asymmetrical tail is only one thing of what's going on... The bottom is pretty wild and we both want to see what it's going to do... Chances are we're gonna adjust little things but who knows, it could be a mental one as is... The thing with Tom that I really like is he understands that design on sup boards needs to change from what once was to really take us all to the next level... His mind is all about surfing better too. He already knows and felt the future of where we're going... 

Anyway, I'm jammin down to the beach then back up to my room. Got a stack of race board blanks to finish right away.... Have fun in the mean time guys... Surf your brains out!!!


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