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In de shortsup range zijn 2 hoofd soorten. De shapes voor lage golven/slappe hap tot middel hoog en de middel tot hoge golven shapes.

De eerste zijn voor mij de meest interessante.
Deze omstandigheden zijn bij ons regelmatig. Mooie cleane 50 cm golven van een restswel. Wat je normaal met een allround 10 ft of langer kan doen. Inpeddelen en dan down the line in 1 streep af surfen naar links of rechts.
In plaats van de allrounder kan je nu ook voor wat meer aktie gaan. Een shortsup.
Deze boards zijn breed in de tail, voor easy wave catch. En door de lengte heel makkelijk al pompend up and down golven te rijden.
Met de allrounder meer longboardstyle turns maken gaat natuurlijk prima, maar is gewoon een andere feeling als op een shortsup.

Maar voordat je natuurlijk als een dolle golven kan rijden moet je eerst op de golf zien te komen.
Naast balans is het recht of in ieder geval richting de piek van de golf insturen en vaart maken het eerste wat je onder de knie zult moeten krijgen


Short SUP's - Are they suitable for you?

You may have noticed that Kelly Slater has been riding shorter boards with rounder noses over the last few years.
As he puts it ”it is about the feeling not about the look”:

Shorter SUP's have less "glide". When you stop paddling the board stops moving. They are harder to paddle in a straight line and require more effort for less speed.

However, they are lighter, stronger, cheaper, easier to transport and turn more easily on waves.

Using Shorter SUP's - (under 10')

1. When using shorter boards on waves
You need to be more "on-peak" as you need to use more of the waves energy to the wave has to get you going.
Be more aware not to put too much weight on the back of the board, which will create too much drag.
Basically, the more efficient you are, in paddling and shifting your weight to match the trim of the board, (as described above) the smaller the board you will be able to use.

I use the one foot forward, one back surf stance from the moment I start paddling for the wave.
Then I lean my upper body fwd over my front foot to help the boards tilt match the wave angle - I believe this mates a larger surface area and also engages the forward part of the board. IMO this is more
important than paddling for initial speed.

Note: Be prepared to move your upper body back to centre if the nose starts to go under water,(preferable before). As speed picks up, then you can shift weight to the back foot and start to engage the fins
and nicely thinned out rails of the tail section.
Once you have programmed this into your body memory, (see lots of time catching ankle biters and anything that looks remotely wave like) you will no longer need to use longer boards for surfing. Though they do
still have value.

2. Paddling Straight.
In order to stop paddling and concentrate on the "trim" as mentioned above. You need to make your first few paddle strokes really count.
The shorter boards take more skill to keep going in a straight line and are harder work for less result. However, if you maximise your Paddle technique you will be able to travel with a shorter board. Also
once you are on the wave, the front two thirds of the longer boards are
just extra swing weight. Short Boards turn faster and more easily
without wasting energy. However more "responsive" means more sensitive
to rider input.

3. How to Paddle Straight
This should really precede any wave lesson. It normally takes from 10 - 30 minutes to learn how to paddle in a straight line if you have good coaching.

"Shorter boards do not need bigger waves, they need better positioning on better shaped waves" - Craig

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Shortsup in action

Gong 7'2


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Direct leverbaar!


Reactie van waterman op 19 November 2010 op 11.04

Eerste beelden van de pre production Gong 2011 shortsups in het wild.
Reactie van RoelvanN op 5 November 2010 op 23.41
Hi Pat,

Ben heel benieuwd naar je eerste ervaringen in de Hollandse waves. Wanneer komen ze?
Reactie van Joeri op 5 November 2010 op 22.59
Okay, I like and wanna try!!! Wedden dat ik veel 360's paddle...

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