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sup fishing

Hey,I'm looking for new equipment for sup fishing. I found a nice bag that you can put on your board and this bag have two tackleholder and a paddleholder. I found this bag at…Doorgaan

Started 14 Apr 2012

Small Thruster US- Box System
1 antwoord 

Hey,before few days I shaped two small fins for US-Box with the size 15cm * 11cm and 11,5cm * 1, 5cm.With this fins surfing was a dream! They gives my sup so much performance.I have a small fin…Doorgaan

is deze discussie begonnen. Laatste reactie van Jeroen van Gessel 18 Dec 2011.

Custom Fins
2 antwoorden 

Hey guys,I started my own custom fin buisness this year. I shape custom fins for sup and waveriding. When you want to make your sup faster at flatwater, race and waves, then check out…Doorgaan

is deze discussie begonnen. Laatste reactie van Sascha 21 Nov 2011.

Sell downwindfin

Sell handmade downwindfin (new)Sascha.baltes@gmx.netDoorgaan

Started 23 Aug 2011


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Welk board/peddel vaar jij mee?
9´8 Starboard Super Fish; 11´0 ULI (Longboardshape); 14 ft ULIRace/ Distanceboard; 10´0 ULI GL X- 1 Gerry Lopez Shape; ULI aluminium travel paddle with 3 blades; Starboard carbon paddle

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Op 24 Juni 2011 om 10.54 zei Bart Pijpers...

Hoi Sacha,

I see you are looking for standing river waves in Belgium and possibly the German parts close to the border.


You should check out the websites on the kayaking community. More specific the freestyle part. In Belgium there are several spots with standing waves. Most of them are rolling waves that enable cartwheels etc. The glassy smoot waves are rare but they are out there.

Check out the sites of playak and kanukarte

From the top of my mind; Close to Liëge in the river Ourthe; Tron Chique and MAVA.

just over the border in Germany. river Rur close to Monschau has a lot of river features that might interest you.

All rivers in this area are rain fed so water levels are only sufficient after a spel of really bad weather or big snow melt.

That said, there are a few river features in the 'Grens Maas' (frontier maas B- NL) that are surfable. THe rapids just upstream of Obbicht.

The special thing about these is that they only go at really low flows. ie now.

Another interesting website might be the waterstanden page of kayak club the batavier. With over 100 online river gauges of wild water river in this part of the world.


have fun

Op 13 Maart 2010 om 20.44 zei Joeri...
Hey Sacha,

Check the discussion "Biesbosch tours" on this site started by Patrick. Like the name says: it is in the Biesbosch. We started our tour in the port of a village called Drimmelen. We crossed the Amer where the picture is taken, this is the biggest piece of this area where cargo-boats etc navigate. When the Amer is crossed, it is possible to enter smaller routes through the national reserve.

Op 13 Maart 2010 om 13.29 zei flowmaster...

I live in the Netherlands (zeeland) and surf normaly in Domburg, you can check the sup project 2009 on the forum, the pictures of the fins I can,t find , I have a thuster set up left made of carbon on the inside and glass on the outside so that is more easy to sand.
Op 18 Oktober 2009 om 23.06 zei Anne-Marie Reichman...
Hi Sacha, the surfing pics are taken on Maui, Hawaii. The other pictures are from the north of Holland, where the SUP 11-city tour takes place;
Sup's up ;-)) Anne-Marie.

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