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Stand Up Paddle Television started airing last year as a special segment of My Local Lineup TV on every third week of the month on iTV San Diego, channel 16, covers everything stand up paddling, from surfing and flat water to down wind and white water. While airing to about three million people in San Diego County, the show has now launched Stand Up Paddle TV, with all of its episodes, on the web. We will be carrying all the future episodes on Ke Nalu, and we’re catching up TODAY on all eleven of the episodes previously aired.
The episodes probe into several different facets of the sport, including history, profiles, industry, fitness, and more. Among some of the names already featured in the show are: Gerry Lopez, Chuck Patterson, Colin McPhillips, Slater Trout, Dave Kalama, Jamie Mitchell, Candice Appleby, Dan Gavere, Donald Takayama, Ron House, and the list goes on.
Here’s volume one with everyone’s favorite king: Gerry Lopez

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