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Video's van Patrick (53)

  • Long Sup Fun!

    Long Sup Fun!

    Een Longboard shape in de Quiver is so gek nog niet. An awesome day of fun on 10'+ boards at the fi… Patrick 21 Jan 2015 50 weergaven

  • After work

    After work

    Gong surf IT 10'0 en 9'9 Gong surf L'Ours and his friends at the beach to enjoy the end of the swe… Patrick 10 Nov 2014 55 weergaven

  • Stand Up Paddling on the Bar

    Stand Up Paddling on the Bar

    One shot clip standup paddling one morning out on the bar at home. Life is Good! Kia Ora ko Daniel… Patrick 13 Mei 2013 75 weergaven

  • Finless SUP -

    Finless SUP -

    Finless SUP session. Summer 2012. Los Angeles County. Ryan Helm surfing Poseidon Custom 9'6" Surf S… Patrick 27 Apr 2013 65 weergaven

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